Dr. McNeil specializes in treating and correcting the many symptoms associated with auto accident injuries such as: neck pain, headaches, back pain, numbness in arms and legs, sciatica, disc bulge, hip pain, shoulder pain, dizziness, anxiety/tension, and many more. At McNeil Chiropractic we specialize in auto accident injury. Our comprehensive rehabilitation services focus on structural correction of the spine and posture, not just pain relief. In addition to chiropractic spinal adjustments we also provide other therapies like heat, ice, traction, massage, neuro muscular therapy and postural exercises. Once a spinal injury due to an auto accident is corrected, or is as near normal as possible, we will help you to maintain the correction in order to prevent the condition or injury from returning. Dr. McNeil and his staff understands the pain, difficulty, and discomfort that an auto accident causes, which is why we treat each patient like a member of our own family, offering an exceptional level of comfort. Generally lamps are used in three ways. They provide light to carry out certain tasks like reading, sewing, and cooking. Usually these type of lamps, which are typically called task lamps, need to be bright. Donating vehicles is speedy, loose, and tax deductible.

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