Power and Consumer Reports. That record, along with its top tier financial strength A++ from A. M. Best, was enough for us to justify its ranking. Still, the State Farm quotes we received were quite a bit higher than and Allstate’s — typically by 2–3 times. That’s likely a dealbreaker for many, but it’s still worth checking State Farm’s personalized quotes yourself, especially if you’re a teen driver for which they seem to offer more discounts than the others. Liberty Mutual has the smallest market share out of our top four, with just over 3 percent of Florida drivers. While it was fairly close in customer satisfaction, J. D. Power gave Liberty Mutual the second lowest just a hair above State Farm “overall” score among our top picks, and Consumer Reports readers were less impressed by its “Timely Payment” or lack thereof than they were by the competition’s. The company’s financial strength, while high enough to be trusted, was also the lowest out of the four companies we reviewed. There is no doubt that the biggest discount on auto insurance is the one that you get by reading the policy.

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In fact, although direct service insurance companies can usually offer lower rates, experts say a good agent may be able to maximize your good qualities to help ease your rates down a bit more than an impersonal, online agent would.